World's Wellness ●Cultures combined 

At Global Massage we believe that the necessity for care and touch that we so obviously, and scientifically proven, require as babies and infants ,  is still the same throughout life for all of us.

In every culture one can find rituals and habits where human beings heal, sooth and comfort each other with and by massaging. In some cultures it is such a natural habit that it is interwoven with everyday care for body and mind’s well-being.

We have traveled and indulged in many massages all over the world. There is no right or wrong in this, but we have chosen what we believe are great techniques, touches and styles to render comfort, ease, relief and boost when needed. We have blended some techniques from different continents and cultures, and combined these into our global massage.

Global Massage stands for massages from all over the world and is for everybody. Let’s bundle energy !


‘‘Hakuna Matata”

"World's wellness in a massage"

Angela Smith



At Global Massage we respect each other's energy, believing that we are one energy. We help to reduce distress and help clients to indulge in wellness of body and mind.

(Fully clothed massages available)




Indulge in Wellness

Relaxing full body massage          50 minutes          nu €30,-
Head, neck and shoulder relief     20 minutes         nu  €10,-
African-, Asian- or European inspired 

Fully clothed massages available


Global Massage

I am Angela Smith, born and raised in Amsterdam but a world citizen. I am founder and employee of Global Massage. I am a licensed Massage Therapist. Currently I have a mobile practice. (Any pop up or permanent location is updated on this website). I give relaxation massages, deep tissue massages, chair massages, foot massages and -reflexology. I work exclusively with natural products without additions of preservatives or other E-numbers. I offer African-, Asian- and European inspired arrangements as for massage, products and setting.

Since a few years I have been focussing on the massages and I have obtained the necessary certificates. Keeping up to date is an ongoing process. I also recently started a 4-year course to become a physiotherapist. My interest started from (then) chronic back pain complaints. But gradually I began to notice the other positive effects of massages, with the overall relaxation and free flow of energy being the most important and actually all-encompassing one. In a relaxed state, body and mind are able to regulate our balance 'automatically'. This means that tension is converted into relaxation and depending on the chosen massage, it can also be revitalizing. And without all of the above it is just enjoyable to get a massage, even if that is the sole reason.

Fully clothed massages are available and optional. The massages are a combination of African, Asian and Western styles. But these too are influenced by all kinds of cultures. It is therefore right to call it a fusion and for this reason I have chosen this name and these slogans. I am living circulating proof of the union and fusion of cultures and 'worlds'. Everything is actually influenced by everything and nothing in isolation.

You can also contact me for counseling. What I offer is a combination of counseling and massage that involves body and mind. After finishing my pre university education, I studied at the University of Amsterdam for a few years. I also have my propaedeutics in Pedagogy and Psychology on a higher vocational education level. Therefrom I have obtained some helpful tools that form this method: Verbally manifesting  accompanied by a physical sensation and thereby creating new connections. Sometimes we want a massage to relieve physical complaints that have arisen as a response to our mental state. 
We try to in a way take the route backwards, by this approach of counseling. The counseling is also within a predetermined time frame; 4 to 8 weeks once or twice per week. However, it is still possible to choose the massages apart from counseling. (Counseling opens again from July 2021).


I hope to see you (revisiting) in my practice, or on location.

Enjoy the massages!

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Mon. - Fri:   10:00 - 19:00 

Sat.:        by appointment

‘‘Massages from Africa and the Eastern and Western world; geographically as well as socially; so that means broader than borders and everywhere human migration leads us”.

Angela Smith

Dit is een citaat uit een recensie. Laat je klanten aan het woord om aan iedereen te vertellen hoe goed jij en/of je bedrijf zijn!

J. de Bruin


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